Blind Areas

Some people choose to do their own personal tax return, thinking their tax return preparations are simple, and straightforward, while in fact they may have blind tax areas.

I have one experience:

One senior Australia approach to me for personal tax return 2012, as he know he has lend some money, and that personal paid him interest onto my client bank.

While i checked out he supposed to four year  individual tax returns due to lodge, and informed him, he insisted that he only want to do tax return 2012, as no income for other three years.

So we did and lodged tax return 2012. After he left, we did data portal searching, this tax payer actual have around $800 refund each year because of investment in fund. When we informed him about this, he was more than happy to get other three year tax done ASAP. It end a gift, nearly $2,000.00 unexpected cash at his bank.

We, as a profession, are offering our knowledge, experience to any of our clients who are weak, tax illiterate.

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