Working Holiday Maker & Australian Income Tax Returns 30th June 2017

Working holiday maker tax return 2017 most likely than not will be a technically and legally special tax return, as the law changes from 1 Jan 2017.

Who will be affected: working holiday maker with Visa Sub class 417 and 462
You will receive from your employer two payment summaries if you earn income before and after 1st Jan 2017. You are not entitled to low income offset, neither liable to Australia Medicare levy.
For tax year 30th June 2017, it is a bit complex calculation when you are Australian resident for tax purpose before 1st Jan 2017, and working holiday maker visa 417 or 462  from 1st Jan 2017 up to 30th June 2017, you might end up with three tax rates for income up to $37,000.00, i.e. 0%, 15%, 19%; while for income exceeding $37,000, tax rates are the same for Australian residents and holiday maker.
You are still entitled to superannuation payment from employers if you are eligible.


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